The Show Was Well Received

My thanks to all who attended the Nature Spirit Tarot Art Show at the Old Church in Hope. A wonderful group of folks attended and expressed interest and enthusiasm. The weather was extremely hot, and surely those of you who ventured out are lovers of both art and the nature spirits. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing with all of you, and conversing about the creation of the Nature Spirit Tarot. I also learned much from your experiences. Your impressions of my deck, created entirely from elements found in the natural world, delighted me.

Tarot Art at the Old Church

The Tarot Art Show in June at the Old Church

Framed prints of the 22 major arcana adorned the walls of the Old Church in Hope, illuminating the spaces between the stained glass windows. An additional eight framed prints represented the four suits of the minor arcana. Large tables held box sets of the tarot cards and book, and one was open which allowed people to see and experiment with it. Other books and note cards were available as well. The many diverse elements of the show came together beautifully, nourished by the lovely energy of the Old Church.

On both days, CJ Rose was busy with readings in a quiet corner in a separate room. Many people were old friends and clients of hers and remembered her work from an earlier period in her life. Everyone commented that they found the readings to be enthusiastic, positive, and insightful. We were very fortunate to have CJ with us for the show.

I will keep you posted about future Nature Spirit Tarot art shows. In the meantime, I will continue to spread the word about the deck’s completion and its availability. In my next entry, I will discuss some interesting details about certain individual cards.

Thank you for visiting today.