The Chariot

The ChariotI find the Chariot to be such an interesting card. It always gives me pause when I come upon it while working with my deck. Here are some thoughts from my personal understanding about its depth of meaning.

The Chariot is the archetype which embodies our earthly manifestation—the experience of life in matter with its cycles of renewal and decline. Life in form is a life in flux.

The Chariot brings our attention to the many forces at play in our lives. Through the eyes of the Charioteer, we survey our karmic situation, our emotional state, our physical abilities, and our spiritual development. From this perspective, we have the opportunity to understand the influence these aspects have upon our experiences. Above all, the Charioteer recognizes our connection with infinite Universal forces. Here is the moment to open to the deeper realms within ourselves.

The Charioteer is the Soul, and controls the Chariot, which depicts our life in physical form. This is why reins are not required to control the vehicle. The Chariot is directed by the will, which is the master of mind. This is the call of the warrior, a call which compels us to recognize the unseen forces guiding us from the depths of our true Self.

The Chariot reminds us to reflect and turn inward for our direction. If we do so, who knows what great adventures and new revelations will appear. A richer, more complete experience may be at hand as we recognize all of these influences within our life’s journey.

The imagery on the card includes the Belted Kingfisher,  the American Alligator, the White Cypress Vine, and the Gladiolus. More detailed information about their symbolism, and other aspects of the Chariot, are available in the book that accompanies the deck.