The Star

“The Star emerges from the waters of life, shimmering, exquisite, Violet's Startranscendental, and full of hope. It bathes us in rays of deep mystery and higher wisdom. The Star invites us to cast our intentions into the watery depths and bring to the surface new guidance and restorative powers. The illumination surrounding the Star is a place of nakedness and innocence, where we present ourselves openly and connect with the radiating light within us. The Star is our guide to meditation, inner blessings, and rebirth, slipping us into the waters of serenity by encouraging the mastery of a quiet mind.”
from The Nature Spirit Tarot

The paragraph above is taken from the book which accompanies the deck. Additional information about the Star card includes descriptions and symbolic meanings of the White Tern and the White-topped Pitcher Plant, also featured in the card.

At this time of year, when the world pauses to contemplate the nature of givingĀ  and sharing, studying this card might be a meaningful exercise. The Star expresses the Seed of Oneness within. It reminds us of the importance of making time to express and share our deepest treasures, which include understanding, caring, and good will.

This lovely image of the Star card, which also includes the 10 of Cups from the deck, is one of a series of photographs created by Violet Aura. The theme of this photograph is white birds. Her beautiful work is posted on Instagram. You can also visit her website at to learn more about her work. I am grateful for the interest and enthusiasm she has expressed in my Nature Spirit Tarot.