The Nature Spirit Tarot Takes Third Place

American Tarot Association Top Tarot Decks of 2015
Finest Reflections Reader’s Choice Award
The Nature Spirit Tarot – Winner of Third Place

The American Tarot Association held a competition this December for the best decks of 2015. From a large number of decks, tarot fans were asked to vote for their favorite.

The votes were cast and counted, and The Nature Spirit Tarot won third place! Since the deck only became available on the internet in September, and my advertising expenditure was a meager $50, winning third place was truly an amazing event.

Please accept my sincere thanks to all of you who voted for the deck. I am moved by how many of you have embraced the Nature Spirit Tarot, and are finding it special and meaningful enough to be considered your favorite. Each time I write, I like to share some card images. I chose these three cards because they express how honored and thrilled I feel to have your support.

The 3 of Cups is a card about celebration. It expresses the pleasure of sharing with others, acknowledging accomplished goals, and honoring the people who are always helping along the way.

The 4 of Wands acknowledges fruitful creativity, and the bringing of our vision into manifestation through dedication to the work. Thank you cards WEB 1

The 7 of Pentacles speaks of harvesting the fruits of our efforts. Parts of the task have been difficult and demanding, and now it is time to take a refreshing pause and reflect on our accomplishments.

Thank you for sharing in the journey of this deck, for making it a part of your life, and for helping me to send it out into the world.