Daffodils and Pentacles

7 of PentaclesThe daffodils were so radiant this spring, I decided to write about them, and talk a bit about the suit of pentacles in the Nature Spirit Tarot.

The glorious yellow blooms of the daffodil have inspired many poets and seers. The daffodil began its relationship with people long ago. There are accounts from the 16th century of avid gardeners collecting its wild ancestors and transforming them into the varieties we know today.

I have noticed quite a few reviews of the Nature Spirit Tarot mentioning the yellow flowers in the suit of pentacles. Some identify them as lilies, or other mistaken identities, and some just say yellow flowers. They are daffodils. I envisioned the daffodil flower as the representative of the pentacle from the very inception of the deck.

10 of PentaclesThe daffodil emerges from its bulb, which is deeply rooted in the ground. Plants that grow from bulbs have a close relationship to the energies of the earth, the element represented by the suit of pentacles. The bulbs are dormant for much of the year, and then burst into bloom in spring when the sun returns and nature awakens after a long rest. The daffodil is a robust, vibrant plant that represents sunshine, renewal, and the arrival of new possibilities.

When the pentacles show up in your readings, it is a reminder to observe the nature of your earthly experience. The events in your life reflect the energies you put into the world. I hope the daffodils, and the messages in the suit of pentacles, inspire you to walk through life with a loving and giving heart. As well, through a deeper understanding of their messages, you just may be blessed with positive changes in the world around you.