TemperanceA Great Blue Heron spends much of the summer cruising up and down the little creek that runs through our property. Sometimes it stops for a meal of small brook trout that spawn in a deeper pool upstream. I often see this serene bird perched along the banks in the motionless pose which it takes at quiet times of the day. It seems to be staring into the void, contemplating what treasures it might bring back, to bless the earth.

The Great Blue Heron graces the Temperance card in the Nature Spirit Tarot. This card speaks of learning to flow with the great stream of cosmic energy that is present behind all manifestation. It symbolizes the process of tempering the forces of personal will, and blending our polar aspects of masculine and feminine to reach a more balanced state. Through astute personal reflection, and striving to attune to the higher cosmic energies, we give ourselves the opportunity to discover inner treasures, and to release our gifts into the world.

The Cowslip and the Common Reed appear on the Temperance card. Fluorite crystals speckle the landscape. The auspicious goldfish also adds to the mystery. All of these elements are described in detail in the book that accompanies the deck.

As I traveled a difficult personal journey this year, I decided to hang a framed print of the Temperance card in my room. This magnificent bird, along with its special message, serves as a vigil. It stands nearby, reminding me to release all of the feelings of distress and anxiety into the waters of tranquility, to quiet my personal will, and to rest in the beauty and healing that exist within.