The High Priestess

The High Priestess seems to be a favorite with many people. I have sold more prints of this card, and received more comments about it, than any other card in the deck.the-high-priestess

When I began to create the imagery, I knew that the High Priestess should be white and luminous. I also wanted to represent her with a silent and mystical creature. The intuitive secrets of the High Priestess can not be explained with words. The owl came to me as the perfect symbol. When this mysterious bird spreads its massive wings, not a single flutter is heard, and the unfathomable silence is remarkable. There is nothing more magical than seeing a snowy owl in a white, snow covered landscape on a clear winter’s day.

In the card, the High Priestess is holding the flower of life, a pattern from sacred geometry that represents the flow of Life within space and time. This pattern is believed to contain the collective consciousness of the planet, known as the Akashic records. This is just one aspect of the vast wisdom held within the realm of the High Priestess.

The other imagery in the card includes the pine tree, the blue lotus, and white and black tulips. And yes, there really are black tulips. The tulip shown in the card is called “Queen of the Night”. All of the descriptions and symbolic meanings are discussed in the book that accompanies the deck.

The High Priestess is the keeper of Divine Feminine wisdom at its deepest level, and she dwells at the portal to the material world. She is immortal and eternal, and holds the cosmic secrets of Life within her domain. It is no wonder that many of us feel the compelling energy of this card, and are drawn by it into the sacred Silence of Spirit.