Winter Wishes & Four of Swords

During this busy Season, our days often become too hectic and frantic. They are filled with preparing for celebrations, planning gifts for loved ones, and participating in activities with family and friends. It is difficult to find time for what is important. I would like to suggest a special holiday practice.

By creating a few quiet moments at different times throughout each day to feel closer to Spirit, we will be helping to spread Peace in the world. This could also be part of a holiday practice with the tarot deck. We might take a few moments to meditate with our favorite card, with the heartfelt intention of silently sharing its message. Who knows how far our practice might reach if we make time for Spirit to come into the world each day. As a reminder of sharing our inner gifts, here is a wish for the Holidays.

I am wishing you quiet moments to be renewed and to embrace the true meaning of the Season. Through your chosen path into the Sacred Silence, may the Spirit within fill you with the Love of this special time of year. May the peace you bring into the World be shared with all beings in the spirit of Love and good will.

I am including the image of the Four of Swords from the Nature Spirit Tarot. 4-of-swords-croppedPoised on the card is the praying mantis, an excellent ambassador in the journey of reflection. The mantis understands the power of stillness and calm. In the card, it rests on the great Oak tree, which represents our deep connection to all that is sacred.

Throughout December, all U.S. orders for the Nature Spirit Tarot will be shipped priority mail rather than ground mail. I am doing this to be sure that decks arrive in time for holiday gift giving. This is just a small token of my appreciation for all of you who help me share my work, and send it on a journey of its own, all the way around the globe!