The Wheel of Fortune

As our world spins into the year 2017, chaos and discontent abound. It is disturbing to watch the scene unfold, and its scope gives us a sense of helplessness. This brought to my mind The Wheel of Fortune, and its message of a world in flux.

The Wheel of Fortune reminds us that the cycles of the Creative Universe are in constant motion. We may observe this by contemplating the movement of the solar system, the seasons, the tides, and the cycles of the moon, as well as our earthly appearance from birth to death. Why are we here, what have we set in motion in our lives, how do we connect with the rhythms and patterns of Life greater than ourselves? These are all questions connected to the Wheel of Fortune. It holds keys to our own personal journey of growth and expansion.Wheel of Fortune

On the grander scale of Creation, depicted by the Wheel, the world is subject to forces and cycles beyond our vision. Universal laws are constantly in action. As the cosmic wheel turns, great unseen forces are directing us, and guiding us in our journey back to our Source. We are free to choose whether we continue onward as we always have, or take up a new perspective. Perhaps it is time for us to wake up and take notice of a world out of balance.

Here is an opportunity to take heart, and look at the positive aspects of the transformation that is happening around us. Let us recognize the changes in the world as the breaking up of old patterns, making room for something new, beautiful, and awakened to take root. Remember, it is within ourselves that we must begin to initiate the changes that we wish to see in the world.

Quiet the mind, and tune in daily to the evolving Consciousness, the causative principle of all things. Be still and watch it unfold. As we are all united in awareness, we bring to light the higher forces represented by the turning of the Wheel of Fortune. In this card, we have a powerful picture of the evolution of humanity. Observing the positive aspects of change in these tumultuous times is an excellent practice for the coming year. I find this card to be a fascinating study.