The Moon

Every month the full moon appears in the night sky as a glowing orb, and then slowly disappears from our view. It is a treasured and familiar sight to everyone. The moon connects us to our planet and the pulsing life around us. It is an unconscious connection, and exists within us at a deep cellular level. The moon represents a world in flux, sometimes being a positive influence and sometimes a negative one.The Moon

The Moon card is about the cyclical nature of our world. All life on the planet pulsates with the cycles of the moon. The tides ebb and flow, and the plants and animals flourish and diminish. The cycles of creation and the energy of the moon are in unison. As inhabitants of this world, our connection to the moon manifests through our feelings and emotions.

The moon reminds us to explore our psyche, and uncover the patterns of emotion that influence us unconsciously. Are they serving us well? We have the power to change the negative patterns and encourage the positive. This is personal work which will lead us on the path of the heart.

The Moonflower and the Pink-spotted Hawk Moth are pictured on this card. The Moonflower blooms by night, and is a symbol of luminous creativity. It draws night feeding insects to its fragrantly scented flowers. The Hawk Moth is one such insect, and one of the few with a proboscis long enough to pollinate the tubular structure of the Moonflower. Look at the card closely and you will see the cycles of the Hawk Moth pictured among the leaves of the Moonflower.