The Kings


All of the court cards in the tarot represent an advanced level of mastery. They suggest that the energies at work within a suit have reached a level of culmination within us. From ace to king, our growth and maturity is progressively expressed by each of the cards in a suit. When the kings appear, it means that we are now fully capable of demonstrating these energies in our world. The kings represent the authority of the masculine aspect. Here I have included two kings. I hope that you find their special messages to be both interesting and useful.

The King of Wands is creative and visionary. He rules with intuition and inspiration. We can count on this king to bring new ideas successfully into the world. When we act passionately about our own vision, and do things to bring that vision into reality, we are expressing the energy of the King of Wands. The American Kestrel is symbolic of creativity and intuition. This beautiful little falcon is quick and agile, and committed to whatever task it undertakes. It is perched on the Common Hazel tree, which was traditionally used to make wands and staffs for chiefs and rulers. More information about the symbolism in this card is included in the book that accompanies the deck.

The King of Pentacles represents a lifetime of work and service, which manifests as success and achievement in the material world. He is deeply grounded and earthly, and he is dedicated to all that is sacred in our world. He demonstrates to us the importance of maintaining high standards in all that we do, and the importance of being good caretakers of our planet. Symbolically, the grouse is an earthy bird that represents the sacred spiral of life. On the card, the grouse is perched on the blackberry bush. Blackberries are symbolic of money and protection, as well as other meanings relevant to the King of Pentacles. Above the grouse hangs the elm tree. The elm has always been associated with being well-grounded, and it is an expression of earth energies.