The Magician

Today a Merlin landed in the front yard. I could hardly believe my eyes, even though it was only 15 feet away. I grabbed my binoculars and my field guide to confirm this possibility. And, yes! It was really true. The elegant falcon was standing there, bigger than life itself. There was no hesitation about it, the next blog was to be about the Magician!

This small falcon is pictured on the Magician card. It is known for its aerial feats and great speed. It is rare to see one, because they are silent and mysterious, just like the Magician. The Merlin is symbolic of insight and mental keenness, and the ability to channel the energy of divine forces.

A table of the elements appears before the Magician. Here we see the tools at the Magician’s command. They are used to channel living Light into the world. The Amanita Mushroom represents the table, and signifies the sacredness of the tools. Using highly developed mental skills, which enable a connection to the source, the Magician wields these tools with power and authority.

On the Nature Spirit Tarot card, the Magician is surrounded by the Western Sword Fern. Ferns symbolize magical powers, prophetic dreaming, protection, dignity, and peace. The curling fronds, growing in spirals, also remind us of the sacred spiral of life.

Hovering above the Magician’s head is the Eastern Pondhawk Dragonfly. Dragonflies, with their shimmering wings that refract light, are associated with the power of light, magic, and mysticism. The presence of the dragonfly reminds us that we too have the power to manifest our highest aspirations.

If you enjoyed seeing this card and its descriptions, you will be happy to know that much more information of this kind is included in the book that accompanies the Nature Spirit Tarot deck in the boxed set.