Two of Cups

The Two of Cups symbolizes the harmony and healing power of a happy union. It is a card of fruitful relationships, sharing, and communicating. It is the perfect card to express the sentiments of Valentine’s Day!2 of cups

The Two of Cups can be interpreted on many levels. On a deeper level, this card represents the polarity of Nature, which is fundamental to the creative process. Through the union of two, something new and wonderful emerges. With the arrival of spring just around the corner, we will be able watch all of Nature awaken and burst into creative action.

The Two of Cups is included here to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day, one rich with friends and loved ones. May your heart be filled with caring and gratitude for those with whom you are blessed to share your life.

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After a long career of painting and sharing the nature spirits through my art, I decided to create a tarot deck. This project has been an eight year personal journey. As I worked to capture just the right imagery for the message of this timeless tradition, I learned much about the psyche, and I deepened my connection with nature. I hope these interpretations will bring you new insights, quiet moments with nature, and great pleasure.