Two of Swords

As I was pondering the year 2018 ahead, the Two of Swords repeatedly came to mind. So, I chose this card to be the first entry of the year for the Nature Spirit Tarot website.

Achieving a reflective inner state is the message presented by the Two of Swords. It suggests being poised, and calmly prepared for unknown future events. This might be an excellent position to cultivate with so many tumultuous events transpiring around the planet. The Two of Swords indicates an opportunity, through quiet resolve, to develop trust in unseen forces. Despite outer appearances, these forces are constantly in action to balance this world. The card represents the ability to face challenges in a calm state of readiness. It also reminds us to tap our inner resources through quiet contemplation. Perhaps the new year could be an excellent time to place our attention on deepening the inner journey.

The Great Egret is a magnificent bird, full of grace and silent power. It is often seen alone, and in a state of poised stillness, as it stands in quiet marshes and wetlands. Symbolic meanings for the egret include focus, balance, and the ability to delve into the depths of self to better understand the challenges of personal growth. As well, the egret represents a connection to the invisible spirit that dwells within each of us.

In the image on the Two of Swords, the Field Bindweed entwines itself around the egret. In nature, bindweed spirals around fence posts, stumps, trees, and anywhere it can find an inviting place to climb. It is a common plant, which is found throughout the world. The symbolic meanings of bindweed are perseverance and humility. In the card, it serves as a wonderful reminder to cultivate these two qualities. They are keys to discovering the clarity needed to resolve any challenging and entangling situation.


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After a long career of painting and sharing the nature spirits through my art, I decided to create a tarot deck. This project has been an eight year personal journey. As I worked to capture just the right imagery for the message of this timeless tradition, I learned much about the psyche, and I deepened my connection with nature. I hope these interpretations will bring you new insights, quiet moments with nature, and great pleasure.