Page of Swords

We are all eagerly awaiting Spring in the northern hemisphere. This led me to ponder the Page of Swords. As the sun returns, and rises higher in the sky, the energies of nature begin to bring the earth’s landscape back to life. In the same way, the Page of Swords is a card of rising energies. Here we have positive and fresh energies liberating us from difficult times. This card represents the idea of awakening to new awareness and a new perspective in our life, as we emerge from troubled circumstances. The Page of Swords appears when we have deepened our perspective by working to heighten our mental capacities.

The Firefly, commonly called the Lightning Bug, has the well known ability to glow. It is bioluminescent, and can even flash the light it produces off and on. It is not surprising that this beetle is associated with illumination.

The Spring Crocus is one of the first flowers to appear after the snow recedes. They do not last long, but they burst forth with a wonderful array of color to awaken our senses after a long Winter. In the card, the crocus symbolizes the joy and exuberance that we experience as we engage in our new found freedom from troubling times.

The American Carrion Beetle survives on dead and decomposing matter. In this way, it plays a crucial role in cleaning the environment, renewing the energies of the earth, and making way for new growth to emerge. Symbolically, the beetles are carrying away negative aspects that have been released, which makes space for our new and higher awareness to flow out from us, and into the world.

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After a long career of painting and sharing the nature spirits through my art, I decided to create a tarot deck. This project has been an eight year personal journey. As I worked to capture just the right imagery for the message of this timeless tradition, I learned much about the psyche, and I deepened my connection with nature. I hope these interpretations will bring you new insights, quiet moments with nature, and great pleasure.